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    Underwater Loan Modifications

    By Mandy Davis | January 1, 2013

    Underwater Loan Modifications: Just Kicking the Mortgage/Housing Crisis Can Down The Road? Question: I have one loan against my home which has a balance substantially greater that the current market value. I am in default on the loan, in danger of foreclosure, and have received an unsolicited long term loan modification, which does not include any... Read More

    Debt Relief, Short Sales, Deficiencies, Oh My!

    By Mandy Davis | December 1, 2012

    Debt Relief, Short Sales, Deficiencies, Oh My! (think Lions, and Tigers and Bears …) Question: I am considering selling my home in a short sale, but my Oregon real estate broker has told me that I may be subject to taxes because of the December 31st expiration of a federal act providing relief to distressed... Read More

    Renter’s Insurance

    By Mandy Davis | December 1, 2012

    Renter’s Insurance Question: I am the owner of several residential rental properties. I have heard about renter’s insurance, and that I should require my tenants to obtain this insurance because it will protect my interests. Can I do so, what are the benefits of such insurance and should I have my name added to the... Read More

    BE SAFE: Comply with S.A.F.E.!

    By Mandy Davis | November 1, 2012

    BE SAFE: Comply with S.A.F.E.! Question: I am a licensed real estate broker in Oregon, and have been asked to represent a seller who wants to offer seller carryback financing. Do I need to be concerned about any laws which may specifically apply to such terms? Answer: Yes! You must be thinking of Oregon’s version... Read More

    HAFA Short Sale Preapproval Letters

    By Mandy Davis | September 1, 2012

    HAFA SHORT SALE PREAPPROVAL LETTERS (Read The Fine Print!) Question: My home is underwater. I have both a first position loan and a second position loan. The current property value is less than the amount owing on the first position loan, and the balance owed on the second position loan is $100,000. I just received... Read More

    Expiration Of The Federal Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act

    By Mandy Davis | July 1, 2012

    ANOTHER REASON TO CONSIDER LISTING FOR A SHORT SALE IF YOUR PROPERTY IS UNDERWATER: 12/31/12 EXPIRATION OF THE FEDERAL MORTGAGE DEBT FORGIVENESS ACT Question: I own a property which is underwater (the secured debt exceeds the value) and I have been considering my options, including listing the property for a short sale or just letting... Read More

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